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What if you could filter out 85% of data during PreDiscovery? Or speed review by 60-90%?

RSVP for Overcoming eDiscovery Challenges in Government, a networking event for public sector professionals facing growing data stores, increasing FOIA demands and shrinking IT budgets.

Sessions will cover how software is putting the power of advanced analytics technology to work in the PreDiscovery phase, speeding Review by 60-to-90 percent with machine-learning capabilities and the predictive coding of Prioritized Review from Brainspace™. Speakers include LexisNexis Managing Director Mike Lipps, Vice President Steve Ashbacher, and product experts from Brainspace™.

Join us to learn how the latest technologies are being applied to the eDiscovery process, and how the results can help your agency filter out 85% of data early, then speed review by 60-90%!

A New Age of eDiscovery
WHAT: Breakfast and networking event
WHEN: Tuesday, April 12, 8:00 – 10:30 am
WHERE: The City Club of Washington, 555 13th St., NW
SPEAKERS: Mike Lipps and Steve Ashbacher, LexisNexis; Nazir Shwayhat, Brainspace
PRESENTED BY: LexisNexis Litigation Solutions